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Want to know how Braai@ put its feet down in the Moot?

This isn’t just a tale of a business that saw a gap and started to make money, but rather a tale of one man’s passion that supported him through a few challenges and happened to grow a good partnership. One of the owners Jonathan Sharp (a very nice guy by the way), received good news that his little Sharp-tribe is going to receive their newest member. As with any pregnant family, the costs of a new baby started filtering in to their daily lives and the effect it might have on their family.

Nothing will get Jonathan down; he’s quite a determined chap. Being an entrepreneur and off course, passionate about braai, Jonathan thought of the idea to start selling wood here in the heart of the Moot in Pretoria. With only a few Rand in his bank account, he bought his first 100 bags of wood from Louis van der Merwe (his supplier) and sold them and made a profit.

Ding ding ding!!!!! Winning concept 101!

And I’m sure celebrations were in order.

Needless to say, the Braai@ seed was planted, the only challenge then, was how to upscale this great opportunity and make something special of it. Jonathan quickly shared his idea with Louis and very quickly Louis and Jonathan mended a beautiful partnership that will see the Moot sizzle with every braai need they might have. Two gentlemen that had the same idea pulled together their resources and today, we are privileged to have our own Braai@ shop here in the heart of the Moot.

They opened their doors on the 1st of September with a slight hick-up here and there but quickly won the support of the Moot community. A Braai shop is surely a very unique concept here in South Africa, but if there is one thing that we can say South Africans are crazy and obsessive about, it’s definitely their Braai's. The month of October is not even over and Jonathan and Louis are already planning an amazing opportunity to a lucky person who will receive something special.

So my dear Moot-friends, have you visited the Braai@ shop yet? If not, work a visit into your Saturday routine and make sure you don’t miss out on an experience that will surely enrich your own braai style & culture. Hope you are planning a mother of a braai tomorrow and remember if you need anything…..Braai@ is there to turn your great braai into a perfect one!

Keep well,
The Braai@ Team.